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change 6 - change your idea about why
Change occurs

In this Change you will learn:
  • After studying this Change, you will have a fundamentally different understanding of why change occurs.

  • You will know that you are choosing change in your life, all the time.

  • You will know that all change is for the better, and that change is inevitable.

  • You will understand change occurs when you want it to occur.

There are 3 sections to this Change as follows:

    1. Change Occurs because you want it to occur..
    2. The eternal journey of the soul. You are here.
    3. The power of perspective.

The Eternal Journey of the Soul
In order for you to change your idea about why change occurs, you will have to change your idea about who you are, where you are, why you are where you are, and what you are trying to do here.

These are the ideas we have been circling around in this conversation for a while now.  They are what I have called Life’s Four Fundamental Questions.  Most people have never asked themselves these questions, much less answered them.  I believe it is vitally important that you do so if you want to live a happy, fulfilling life, because the answer to these questions could dramatically alter your perspective.

It is also important to note that there are no single answers to these questions that are “right.”  That is, however anyone answers these questions, their responses are “right.”  In a world where “reality” is created and not observed, it is by definition true that everyone is right. 

I said a number of pretty important things there.  May I review and expand on them just a little?

I said that there are four basic questions that I believe all people must ask themselves if they are to have a meaningful life.  I said that it doesn’t matter how they answer them; their lives will become more meaningful for having done so.  I implied that this is because reality is created and not observed.  And finally, I said that everyone is right about everything. 

These statements all have to do with one thing: perspective.  And in the matter of changing everything when everything changes, perspective is the key.

That is, I think, the largest message of this course.  Indeed, it may be its only message.  In truth, the entire conversation we have been having could be reduced to these three words:


If this is true, then if we want to change everything about the way we experience change in our lives, the primary question becomes, How do we create, and then change, our perspective?  This course has been an attempt to answer that question, first by exploring the Mechanics of the Mind, and now by looking deeply at the System of the Soul—and the journey upon which the soul has embarked.

For too long, matters of the mind and matters of the soul have been separated.  Many, many people have felt that the world of our physical reality is one thing and the world of our spiritual reality is another—something like the individual person’s version of the separation of church and state.  Yet in a world where everything is changing so rapidly all around us, we can no longer afford such a piecemeal approach to dealing with life. 

I have said here: when everything changes, change everything.  I have also said that if we are to negotiate our rapidly changing future, we must change the way we experience Change Itself. 

I am now saying that in order for us to do that, we must adopt an integrative approach to the living of our lives.  That is, we must understand—and function from the understanding—that our spiritual vibrancy, insight, and experience is no less important to our here-and-now on-the-ground expression of life than is our mental vibrancy, insight, and experience; that spiritual and mental are not, in fact, separated, but act co-jointly as what I call the Total Being That Is You; and that the only reason we do not experience this (if, indeed, we do not) is that we do not know anything about it.  No one has taken the time, in our upbringing or in our later life, to tell us what is really going on here.

Hold it.  That’s a sweeping indictment.  And, in fact, it is not true.  Many people have taken the time to explain life’s intricacies to humanity.  It is I—and perhaps you—who have not taken the time to listen.  Yet now we are both listening, because the events of our lives are demanding that we do so.  We are being driven by the day-to-day circumstances of our existence to seek answers and approaches that can make life more functional, more joyful, more rewarding, and, frankly, to just have it make more sense.  And so we come to a new, contemporary explanation such as this.  I come to it and you come to it, and we are both welcome here.  It is, literally, well that we have come here.

This is, perhaps, a good time for me to tell you how it is that I have come here, to this information, so that you may have a larger context within which to consider what I have been sharing with you.

Perhaps you are aware that I have written a series of books under the title Conversations with God.  TheSe texts were based on my experience of having received data from a source beyond my mind. 

I have called this source “God” because I believe there is a God, and that when She communicates with us, He does so in many ways, not the least of which is in direct conversation/inspiration/explanation/revelation.

The experience I had was so extraordinary that I wrote about it in a trio of books.  And then I found that I could not stop writing because the flow of what was “coming through” was not stopping, and I did not want to keep it all to myself.  So six more books followed the original trilogy.  Seven of those nine books made The New York Times Best Seller List, the first remaining on that list for 135 weeks.

I’m not boasting here. I’m sharing this with you to let you know that nearly 8 million people have seen this material, in 37 different languages—meaning that an enormous number of human beings are opening to alternate ways of conceptualizing life and experiencing and expressing and creating their current reality.  You see, the CwG material is not intended to open people to my truth; it is intended to open them to their own.  I’m also telling you this so that you can come to a realization that, no, you are not “crazy” for taking a serious look at life in the way we are doing here (multi-millions of others have done it), and, no, you do not have to wade through the changes and the challenges in your life all by yourself.

Now, 15 years after my first dramatic experience of God as a real presence in my life, the flashes of insight keep coming, the moments of awareness endlessly arrive, the glimpses of The All continue to materialize.  And what these glimpses show me is that the glimpses themselves are being offered to everyone


It isn’t that there is one of us who is more “privileged” or more “special” or more “holy” or more “able” than everyone else to access wisdom and to be provided a direct connection with the Divine.  There is no Chosen One.  We are all able, we are all chosen, and the question is not, to whom does God talk?  The question is, who listens?

Having said that, I want to very quickly add here that just because one is listening does not mean one is hearing everything in fullness; just because one is having a conversation with God all the time does not mean one is completely understanding all the time, or interpreting without error all the time, the information to which one has gained access.

In my own case I have never claimed and would never assert that the messages I have published are infallible or “God’s own truth.”  I can only declare that I have done my best to transmit them as I have received them through my imperfect filter, and that even in the imperfect state in which I have understood and expressed them, they have brought me great benefit and an expanded awareness and a wonderfully enhanced experience of life.  Yet as I share them with the public, I invite—indeed, encourage—everyone to place them in the For What It’s Worth Department, and to turn inward to heed their own voice of awareness.

Indeed, if my Conversations with God experience has done anything, I hope that it has produced the outcome that more and more people everywhere are going within to the Source of Wisdom and Truth that lies inside each of us.

With that as the context, I want to invite you now to look at some more “stuff” for the For What It’s Worth Department—namely, Life’s Four Fundamental Questions.  I consider this the most important exploration I ever took.

But wait.  It feels like a good time to take a breath, yes?

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when you’re ready, pick up this section below…


Your answers, please…?
My life changed direction radically when I answered these questions:

1. Who I am?

2. Where am I?

3. Why am I where I am?

4. What am I doing here?

Actually, I did not answer these questions.  I asked them.  I went inside to the Source Within and posed these inquiries.  Here are the answers I received;

1.  You are an Individuation of Divinity.  There is only One Thing, and all things are part of the One Thing That Is.  Life is God, expressing Itself.  You are a part of life; therefore, you are a part of God.  The only way this could not be true would be if Life and God were somehow separate.  Such a thing is impossible.

2.  You are in the Realm of the Physical, which is part of what you have called Heaven.  The sadness is that you do not think that you are in heaven, and so your Imagined Reality is that you have to get there.  In fact, there is nothing you have to do, nothing you have to be, and nowhere you have to go to experience paradise.  Merely look upward on a starry night, or outward over a foaming ocean, or toward the skyline at dusk or dawn, or, for that matter, into the eyes of your Beloved.  You are in heaven, and you are calling it something else, and you are acting as if it was something else, and so, of course, you have created it as something else. 

The Realm of the Physical is one of three realms in the triune reality that you have called by various names, including heaven, paradise, nirvana, the afterlife, the Kingdom of God, etc.  The other two realms are:  The Realm of the Spiritual and the Realm of the Spirisical (which is the point between the two).  Think of this as a figure 8 on its side.


The Total Being That Is You is on an eternal journey from the Realm of the Spiritual to the Realm of the Physical and back again.  The Realm of the Spirisical is at the cross point between the two. 

(This illustration was given to me as a simple visualization to assist my mind in holding data that cannot actually be visualized, it being outside the human experience.  A Figure 8 on its side is—not by coincidence—the international symbol for infinity.)

In the Realm of the Spiritual everything exists in absolute form; whereas in the Realm of the Physical, things exist in relative form.  In the Realm of the Spiritual, all things are absolutely what they are.  In the Realm of the Physical a thing is what it is relative to other things that are not what it is. 

Big and Small, therefore, do not exist in the Realm of the Spiritual, but only in the Realm of the Physical.  Here and There, likewise, do not exist in the Realm of the Spiritual, but only in the Realm of the Physical.  As well, Now and Then, Fast and Slow, Male and Female, Up and Down, Light and Dark, Good and Evil, Love and Fear…none of these things exist in the Realm of the Spiritual, but only in the Realm of the Physical. 

In the Realm of the Spiritual, it is always Here and Now, and there is only Light and Love.  Thus, we could rename these realms, calling them…


In the Realm of the Absolute you know absolutely everything, and you know it absolutely.  Yet you cannot experience what you know, because there is nothing else.  For instance, you can know that are you Love, but you cannot experience yourself as Love, because there is nothing that is not Love.

You can know yourself as Light, but you cannot experience yourself as Light, because there is nothing else but the Light.

You can know yourself as Good, but you cannot experience yourself as Good, because Evil does not exist.

The formula is this:


That is, it cannot be made real in your experience.  You can know yourself conceptually, but you cannot know yourself experientially.  You can conceive of yourself in a particular way, but you cannot experience yourself being that way because there is nothing else but That Which You Are.

Here, then, is the Conundrum of God:


Unless It was not God (that is, not the Totality of Itself), God could understand Itself to be magnificent, but God could not experience Itself being that.  Again….why?  Because there was nothing else but “magnificence” in the Realm of the Absolute.  God could understand Itself to be enormous, endless, and timeless, yet these concepts had no meaning since there was nothing that was not “enormous,” “endless,” and “timeless.”  God could understand Itself to be All Powerful, yet power could not be experienced in an environment in which there was nothing but absoute power in equal measure.

Since God wished to Know Itself experientially as well as conceptually, God created a place in the Kingdom (or, if you will, in Ultimate Reality) where all that God Is could be experienced as well as known. 

God did this by dividing Itself up into a million ka-jillion different parts, or Aspects of Itself, with each of the Parts created in different sizes and shapes, colors and textures, speeds and sounds and levels of visibility and invisibility.  Then any Part of The Whole (that is, any Individuated Aspect of Divinity) could look back on The Whole from which It emerged and say, “Oh, my God, how magnificent Thou art!” All it would take would be for that particular Aspect to have sufficient consciousness (self-awareness) to do so. 

And so, after dividing Itself up into a million ka-jillion individual parts, God merely had to imbue some of those parts with sufficient consciousness to recognize (that is, re-cognize, or “know again”) Divinity when it was looking right at It.  (Not all human beings have risen to that level of consciousness.)  God put into place a system by which Individuations of Itself could rise to such a level, and that system was called evolution. 

This is the System of the Soul. 

You now know about the Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul.  There is more to learn, however, about this System—which you will do presently.

 We see, then, that the Realm of the Absolute (also known as the Realm of Spirituality) is where KNOWING everything takes place, and that the Realm of the Relative (also known as the Realm of the Physical) is where EXPERIENCING everything takes place.  It might be said, then, that souls come to the earth in order to gain a world of experience. 

We, therefore, can give the realms in the Kingdom of God yet another name…


Whichever of the three labels you choose, you will be correct.  These names are interchangeable, and the various names have been given to us so that we might look at Ultimate Reality in whatever way makes more sense to us, thus allowing us to comprehend the incomprehensible. 

But it was said that there is a third realm in the Kingdom (or in Ultimate Reality). Do you remember?  We said, at first, that there was the Realm of the Spiritual, the Realm of the Physical, and, at the cross point between them, the Realm of the Spirisical. 

Spirisical is, of course, a word that I simply made up, because there is no word currently in human language to indicate what this realm is all about.  This realm is not a place where the other two realms combine, but rather, a space from which the other two realms emerge.  It is difficult to describe in human words the exact nature of this realm, but if we drop down to our third set of labels, we perhaps can get close.

In our third set of labels we called the realms of the Kingdom of God the Realm of Knowing and the Realm of Experiencing.  The third realm, the realm at the cross point, might then be called the Realm of Being.  Situated at the cross point of the Figure 8, this is what you experience when you cross over.  That is, when you move from the Realm of the Physical to the Realm of the Spiritual.

This Middle Realm is where pure being occurs. 

Yes?  Are you getting it?  Are you beginning to see a Larger Picture?

Now you might ask, “What is that?  What is pure being about?”  My answer would be that in the space of pure being, you both know and experience Who You Really Are.  This knowing and experiencing simultaneously is the experience for which God yearns.  It is God’s greatest joy.  It is the wonder of Divinity, fully known and fully expressed!  It is nirvana.  It is bliss.  It is heaven.

Yet heaven is not limited to this.  The whole process is heaven, and the wonder of the process is that the Total Being That You Are can be in nirvana, bliss, and absolute joyfulness at any point in the process.  The cross point was simply created in order to ensure that each Individuated Aspect of Divinity would never be lost from the feeling, but would be guaranteed nirvana, bliss, and absolute joyfulness.

This is what you experience when you “cross over” at the moment of your “death” (which does not really exist) and at the moment of your re-birth (your next re-entry into the Realm of the Physical). You see, the Ultimate Reality is actually a circle.  One Rounded Whole.  The energy of life travels in this circle, through all eternity.  It is the Cycle of Life.  In the Beginning, God WAS this circle, in place AS the circle, complete.  When God individuated Itself, it sent the individual Aspects of Divinity on a journey around the circle.  So fast did these infinitesimal bits and pieces of God travel that they seemed to be everywhere all the time.  Like a tire spinning so fast that it seems like a solid circle not moving at all, so, too, the Cycle of Life replicated the Always Everywhere-ness of God by seeming to create a solid where there were really moving parts.

By dividing itself up into a million ka-jillion such parts, each part could look back upon The Whole and suddenly have a context within which to consider the magnificence of The Whole—and thus, to know God.  Yet how could each of the Individuated Aspects also know Itself as God?  That was the question!  While each Individuation raced through the Cycle of Life, how would it know what it really was?  Seeing the rest of It, would it know that It WAS the rest of it, in singular part?

To know this, the Individuated Aspect would have to be able to experience the utter joy that was now God’s—for God, through the Cycle of Life, could now know and experience Itself simultaneously—and that was bliss, indeed.  Yet how could it be guaranteed that each Individuation would move into this bliss as well?

Ah, there’s the twist.  And so, in order to ensure this, the Circle that is God twisted itself to form a Figure 8, reasoning that if at one point both sides of the circle could touch, then the Totality of Being God could at that point be known and experienced by every one of God’s Individuations!!!

Do you get it?  Do you see it now???

Each Individuated Aspect of Divinity, traveling on its journey through the endless Cycle of Life, may both know and experience Itself as Who It Really Is at any place on that Cycle.  You can do this now, in any moment of your present lifetime.  Others have done it.  Masters have done it.  Masters are called “masters” because they have known themselves as God.

Some of them have even called themselves that.  Yet when you call yourself Divine as you travel with those who do not know themselves as that, they are liable to be offended by you.  They may even crucify you.  They will surely disassociate from you, even as they long to be and experience what you are demonstrating.

Do you get it?  Do you see it now???

When you reach the Cross Over Point on your current Cycle of Life, you will know the bliss and the joy of Being the Totality of Who You Are.  And you will do a great deal more.  You will decide how you wish to expand that.  You will choose what you next wish to know, experience, and Be—for life is a continual process of recreating the Self.

This is what God is up to! 

God is doing this through the reformation and the transformation of every aspect of Itself, one aspect at a time.  You are, in fact, doing exactly that during every passage from realm to realm on the eternal Journey of the Soul.  You just may not know it.  When you do know it—when you are aware of who are you, where you are, and why you are here—you will then have evolved in consciousness sufficiently to do the work of God, and not just what appears to be the task of being human.

This is what I have meant all along when I spoke to you earlier of the difference between the Apparent Truth and the Actual Truth.  All of which brings us to the answer to Fundamental Question #3 and #4:

3. You are where you are because in the Realm of the Spiritual you can know absolutely who you are, but you cannot experience that in relative terms. And so you venture into the Realm of the Physical so that you may gain a “world of experience.”

4.  What you are doing in the Realm of the Physical is using the tools and devices (which include your own body, by the way) that are only available in this realm to bring you the experience of what you have decided, in the Realm of the Spirisical, that you wish to be, and that you then come to know your Self as in the Realm of the Spiritual. 

Creation and Re-creation of Self is a three-step process: Choosing, Knowing, Experiencing.  You cannot experience what you do not know, and you cannot know what you do not choose to know.  It is really quite simple, and the model is elegant in its design. 

This is the System of the Soul.  This is who you are, where you are, why you are where you are, and what you are doing here.


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