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I’m so glad that you came here, because by doing so, you have declared that you are a serious student of the Conversation with God material. If you don't already know, When Everything Changes, Change Everything (WECCE) is a condensation of the life-changing messages in the Conversations with God series of books. That series covered over 3,000 pages in 9 texts. WECCE condensed and encapsulated that material into 300 pages in a single book. And, from that book, this online course was created.

Here we offer two remarkable tools that combine modern psychology and contemporary spirituality: The Mechanics of the Mind and the System of the Soul. This course contains a detailed explanation of how the Mind works and how the Soul functions, as well as how to use these tools conjointly in your everyday life. 

The Changing Change course contains material from the WECCE book and from the Workbook & Study Guide developed to support the promises made in the 9 Changes in that book. In this exploration, I will touch on many of the things that I said in the book itself, but also add to and expand on what was said there, offering an opportunity to delve more deeply into both the meaning and the nuance of the original material.

You are being invited here to resolve to pay much closer attention to how you are living your life; to how you are engaging your Mind—and how you are allowing your Mind to engage you. 

To that end we have created a free preview for you, a lesson based on one of the 9 Changes in the course. By following the link below, you can experience this lesson, and learn how to “Change Your Idea About Why Change Occurs.” 

After you review this free sample (see link below) you will have an opportunity to take advantage of the entire Changing Change Course.



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